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Skip hire is a pretty common site. From construction sites to the front drive of many a home. Whether it’s clearing out the garage or the garden, renovating the bathroom or more, we all need skip hire at least once in our lives. While we may know that we ‘have a skip delivered, fill it and have it removed’ – there are a few things that many simply don’t know about skip hire in general. So we thought we’d share some fun facts that most aren’t aware of when it comes to skips, including some of the weird and wacky things that skip hire companies have found over the years. Brace yourself, it gets pretty far out!

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Fun Facts About Skip Hire

First things first, when did skip hire actually come along? Well, while the true origin of the skip is somewhat allusive, we do know that it first emerged around the early 1920’s. They were used as a pretty integral part of the mining industry. Later on in the 1920’s, they were developed even further during a time when the Victorian houses were beginning to be remodelled. This lead to skip sizes increasing. Fast forward to post Second World War and interior design and DIY became even more popular. Cue skip companies in Essex and beyond growing in popularity hugely.

Bright And Beautiful Skips

Did you know, 50 years ago skips were actually yellow? That’s right, much like the New York City cabs we’re used to seeing, skips were originally yellow and for a good reason too. The Highways Act in the early 70’s enforced the regulations that skips remain this bright colour as their popularity grew and more were found on the road. Yellow was supposedly the easiest colour to see however, now regulations merely require them to be well-lit and as such, you’ll see skips coming in a variety of colours.

Chair And Domestic Rubbish

Skip Hire Has Your Waste Controlled

Recent stats have shown that we produce over 200 million tonnes of waste annually. When you consider small facts such as 20 million slices of bread are thrown away every year, it’s not surprising. The average family uses around 6 trees worth of paper in just a year too. These are shocking figures in themselves but make it unsurprising that skip hire is increasing year on year. With this in mind, finding a skip hire company that recycles as much as possible is imperative, not just for our conscience but for our planet.

The Contents Of Your Skips

Ever wondered what skip hire companies find in the skips you hire? You may be interested to read that there are some seriously weird and wacky things discovered. Here are just some of the weirdest things found in skips around the globe, for your entertainment of course and maybe even as a reminder of what you shouldn’t be placing in there.

WW2 Artillery Shell – yes you heard us right. Artillery shell has been found in a skip in 2006. Thankfully, once it was discovered by the skip company in question, the Disposal Squad quickly arrived, only to find that it was actually a much more dangerous situation than they first thought. The shell was still live and just metres from a petrol station too.

From Caravans To Coffins

1. A Caravan – now we know skips are getting bigger and bigger but to actually throw an entire caravan on to a skip; that takes some serious muscle. What’s more, it wasn’t even broken into pieces. An entire caravan sat atop a skip and quite rightly so, the skip hire company refused to take it.

2. A Coffin – now the question is, was it an empty coffin? Thankfully, the world isn’t that hideous and nothing untoward was found inside. Nonetheless, the coffin proved a very disturbing sight when it was found in a skip in Norwich in 2007. The question that still remains however, is whether the coffin was related to some sort of crime?

3. £100 Million Of Stolen Artwork – it’s like a story from a comedy sketch show but you heard us right, £100 million worth of stolen artwork was found in a skip in France. The artwork was stolen from a museum in Paris however, the thieves in question were found and wanted a way to destroy the evidence so the one-of-a-kind artwork was disposed of in the skip. Thankfully justice was served.

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Designer Clothes To Legs!

4. Brand New Designer Clothes – we’ve all gone through our wardrobe and found a few purchases that we’d forgotten about. This however, is on another level entirely. Skip companies have reported brand new, unopened boxes of designer shoes, brand new unused crystal wine glasses, designer bags and even black sacks of new and barely used designer clothes worth £1000’s. It was reported that one home in particular threw out bags and bags of designers clothes every week for months.

5. Baseball Cards Worth £1000’s – imagine just how rare 1920’s baseball cards are? Now imagine owning a collection worth £1000’s and then throwing it in the bin. That’s exactly what one person did in the states and we would put money on the fact that many more will do it in the future.

6. A Leg – when you imagine picking up skips from hospitals it’s not difficult to imagine things like blood or used needles but a two week old leg? We’re not entirely sure how the leg wasn’t disposed of more appropriately but we know it shocked the skip hire company picking it up. There have even been some skip companies contacted and asked to take a peek through the skip they recently picked up in order to search for a missing organ.

Builders Skip Hire

Builders Skip Hire

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Domestic Skip Hire

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Garden Waste Skip Hire by Mackers Total Recycling. We cater to many landscapers and gardeners in and around Essex and capable of delivering the same day.

It’s hard to believe just some of the things people throw away in their skips. As crazy as this list is, we guarantee the year ahead will bring in some even crazier things. Until then, if you’re looking for skip hire in Essex, contact Mackers now on 01268 418 533.