Why Hire A Skip When You’re Moving House?

Find out the many reasons you may need to hire a skip during a house move!

– Move Quicker

– Do Your Bit For The Environment

– Keep Costs Down


Why Hire A Skip When You’re Moving House?

Moving house is a stressful enough event in itself. Throw in having to keep track of the little ones, pets and of course, all of the ‘stuff’ that suddenly finds itself free from the hidden corners of every cupboard and moving house suddenly becomes a little more than stressful.

Make Moving Easy With Skip Hire

Moving house puts a huge amount of stress on people, couples and families alike and if there were a way to make it even slightly less stressful, we’re pretty sure you’d want to hear about it.

Luckily for you, we have one such tip in particular that could help you feel less stressed by making moving that little bit easier and it involves domestic skip hire.

Don’t believe us? Just read on to find out why hiring a skip when you’re moving house could be so beneficial.



Chair And Domestic Rubbish

De-clutter Your Home With Ease

One of the most stressful aspects of moving home, paperwork and cost aside, is having to physically move your stuff.

It’s usually only when we move home that we realise just how much ‘stuff’ we have. Moving home gives you the opportunity to enjoy a fresh start and essentially de-clutter. From old clothes to paperwork, there’s no end to the amount of stuff you’ll find that you have no need for and could dispose of quickly with the help of a skip.

Move House Quicker

Moving can feel like it takes an age. From the moment you put an offer on a house to the day you move in; it can take months and months.

Clearing your home of junk, from half broken kids toys to bags of old clothes that you will never get round to selling at car boot sales (despite constant reassurances), will inevitably make moving day that much easier and as a result, that much quicker too.

Hire a skip in advance and enjoy decluttering the house before the day you move, making moving day nice, simple and more importantly, speedy.

Do Your Bit For The Environment

When it comes to skip hire, many simply assume their waste gets sent straight to landfill but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

At places such as Mackers Skip Hire in Basildon, your waste is taken back to their skip yard where it’s then sorted into what can be recycled/reused and what can’t.

Skip yards such as Mackers therefore reduce the amount of waste going to landfills and help recycle as much as possible.

Keep Costs Down

While paying for skip hire may not seem like a money saving plan, it can help you cut costs by reducing the amount of belongings you need to take to your new home which could lend itself to you hiring a much smaller van on moving day or hiring a much smaller removal team.

Contact Mackers Skip Hire Today

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Not only can you rest assured that your waste will get reused and recycled where possible, but you’ll also enjoy a first class service with some of the most competitive pricing around. Call today on 01268 418533.

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