What Happens To My Waste After Skip Hire?

Find out what happens to your rubbish after skip hire here!

– Where Does It Go?

– Where Is It Disposed?

–  Does It Get Recycled?


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What Happens To My Waste After Skip Hire

Skip hire has become a necessity for many. Whether you’re in the construction industry or simply looking to renovate your home, skip hire will definitely be needed at one point or another.

Hiring a skip makes waste removal quick and easy; simply pick it up and throw it in the skip that a company such as ourselves, has conveniently delivered to your door or kerb side. The question is however, what happens to your rubbish after you’ve put it in the skip?


Where Does My Waste Go?

While many may be quick to assume that your waste is simply emptied straight onto landfill, they couldn’t be more wrong. Here at Mackers, we go through several different processes to ensure minimal waste from every single skip. We try to recycle and recuse as much as we can and here’s what we do.

Sorting & Treating Waste

Sort Rubbish – this is the very first stage that begins when your skip returns to our depot. All the waste that you have filled your skip with gets sorted and separated based on its material. We then remove the larger, more bulkier items and go through each item bit by bit. Each piece is then placed into a specific loading bay. Once again based on its material.

Treat Waste – whether it needs screening, shredding or compacting, our treatment facility will deal with each and every item you’ve thrown out carefully before treating.

Chair And Domestic Rubbish


The process of waste treatment is different for each material. If we’re dealing with wood and chipboard like furniture, then they’ll be shredded and more often than not turned into new wooden products. The horticultural society will often benefit from these too. Any other garden waste such as tree cuttings, hedge cuttings etc will all be turned into compost.

Removed soil from your home can often be used within land reclamation schemes too. More hardcore materials, such as tiles, bricks and concrete are crushed and recycled within construction. Scrap materials, as many are now aware are high in demand.

Very little usually ends up in a skip due to an owners ability to ‘sell’ this however, when some does find its way into a skip, this will once again be sold as second hand and often used within construction, sometimes exported. Did you know the scrap export industry contributes billions of pounds to the UK Balance Of Trade? Last but not least we have old computers and electrical items. These are usually recycled for electricity generation.

Mackers – Recycling As Much As Possible

Here at Mackers Skip Hire, we know only too well that landfills are not eco-friendly. This is why we sort as much of the waste contents as possible to ensure the absolute minimum goes to landfill.

Hire A Skip In Basildon Today

With skip hire, you’re not only utilising a convenient way to rid yourself of the waste you no longer want, but you’re also helping contribute toward a lower carbon footprint overall. If you’d like more information on our skip hire or recycling services, simply contact us today on 01268 418533.

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Builders Skip Hire

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