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Recycling And Waste Management

Whether you own a small family run building company or a large scale, nationwide building company, chances are you’re going to create more scrap metal than you realise. While many simply throw away their scrap metal, we want you to know there’s actually a much better use for it that would not only help our environment but assist your company too.

It’s called metal recycling and it’s something we offer here at Mackers Skip Hire. Our waste management plans and regular removal of metals from construction jobs allow you to take a huge step toward a ‘greener’ run company while saving money at the same time. First, let’s take a look at just why so many choose our waste management plans to manage their scrap metal on a day to day basis.

Benefits Of Our Recycling And Waste Management Services

Revenue – this is perhaps one of the most popular advantages. The amount of scrap metal construction yards produce is astounding. What’s perhaps more shocking is just how much is thrown away. Instead of throwing away scrap metal, you could instead collect it with the help of our builders skip hire and sell it to us.

Here at Mackers scrap yard in Essex, we provide a safe, convenient and affordable method of removing waste. Not only do we offer same day skip hire services but extremely competitive prices too. Why throw it away when you can profit from it?

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Environment – there are numerous ecological benefits to recycling scrap metal. First and foremost it saves natural resources, helping to protect our planet for the next generations. The recycling process takes far less energy when compared to mining.

Likewise, it alleviates the burden on our already overflowing landfills. In addition to this, there’s also a growing popularity surrounding sustainability. Your business could essentially attract new customers based on the ‘green effect’ alone.


Economy – no matter where you live or how your business is doing, a good economic climate helps everyone. Recycling helps boost the surrounding economic climate by offering new jobs and new opportunities. As well as boosting the economy within your region, you’ll also find it helps generate new clients for you too.

We Make Recycling And Waste Management Easy

Here at Mackers, we make recycling and waste management easy with our same day skip hire and our waste management plans. We accept both ferrous and non-ferrous metals as well as things like batteries, electric motors, fridge compressors and even circuit boards.

We also offer a same day payment service which means you now don’t need to wait around for payment. For more information on our waste management plans as well as our skip hire, contact us today!

Builders Skip Hire

Builders Skip Hire

Builders Skip Hire by Mackers Total Recycling. We cater to many tradesmen across the southeast of the United Kingdom and offer a premium bespoke skip hire service.

Domestic Skip Hire

Domestic Skip Hire

Domestic Skip Hire by Mackers Total Recycling. We cater to many households in and around Essex and offer many sized skips for your everyday needs.

Garden Skip Hire

Garden Waste Skip Hire

Garden Waste Skip Hire by Mackers Total Recycling. We cater to many landscapers and gardeners in and around Essex and capable of delivering the same day.