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What Are The UK's Recycling Symbols?

Recycling is one of the most desirably progressive industries. It focuses on the health of planet and the continuation of valuable materials. The recycling industry, like many other adopt a form of codes, symbols and conducts. Which following participants must take notice of.

The goal is for a safe, organised process that in the long term benefits all. Knowing the meanings and purpose of recycling symbols is very important. Being ignorant to them could cause issues. Such as disruptive practices and production strains on the recycling process. And could even produce unnecessary red tape in reuniting recycled materials back in to the world. So let’s take a look at some of the UKs recycling symbols in circuit today.

The Green Dot Recycling Symbol

The green dot is a highly used symbol across many european countries, including the UK. Its main purpose is to make people aware the company involved has made an effort to be green with their product, by recovering or recycling packaging material. The symbol exists for peace of mind for the environmentally cautious consumers. However this symbol does not mean that the item can, will or has been recycled. That is the job for other wider regarded symbols.

Green Dot Recycling Symbol

Mobius Loop Recycling Symbol

The mobius loop symbol is probably the most recognisable and common symbol attributed to recycling. This symbol identifies items that have the ability to be recycled in some shape of form. Although it does not state the item with the label have been recycled, or that it has the ability to be accepted at all processing plants. It holds the high possibility to be recycled on some level.

Mobius Loop Recycling Symbol

Plastic & Resin Recycling Symbols

This symbol is presented to identify the type of plastic resin situated within a product. It will be accompanied with a number from 1 – 7 which indicates the amount of resin used on the plastic. For more infomration read this article on Wikipedia.


#1 PET(E) – Polyethylene Terephthalate

Polyester Fibers & Soft Drink Bottles


#2 HDPE – High-Density Polyethylene

Plastic Bottles & Bags, Oil Cans & Imitation Wood


#3 PVC – Polyvinyl Chloride

Window Frames, Flooring, Plumbing & Pipework


#4 LDPE – Low-Density Polyethylene

Plastic Bags, Buckets, Milk Bottles & Plastic Tubes


#5 PP – Polypropylene

Bumpers, Car Interiors & One Use Drinks Cups


#6 PS – Polystyrene

Toys, Flower Pots, Beverage/Food Containers


#7 O (OTHER) – All Other Plastics

Acrylic Plastics, Bioplastics & More


Metal Recycling Symbols

There are various symbols for recyling metal throughout the UK which we use at our scrap yard in Essex. You can check out the recycling symblos for aluminium and steel below. With certain materials such as electronics you may need a specialist service that Mackers can provide.


#40 FE – Steel

Once again this symbol reveals items made with recyclable steel. All steel cans are collected by all local authorities in the UK, other scrap metal can be traded in for prices at scrap yards just like Aluminum. All metals will vary in price based on quality and quantity.


#41 ALU – Aluminium

Any item with the recyclable aluminum symbol means that the item is made from aluminum. Aluminum is a worthwhile substance that can be traded in at scrap metal yards in the UK for a fair price. It’s worth looking up on your local scrap metal merchants and work out their price value.

Waste Electrics

Waste Electrics & Wires

The waste electricals symbol expresses that electrical items must not be placed in general rubbish or recycling. But disposed of through specific recycling systems that cater for electrical appliances. Skip hire services forbid electrical waste in any circumstance. So it is worth finding another method when needing items of this kind disposed of.

Organic Recycling Symbols

Compostable Logo

Compostable Logo

Compostable symbols on items mean they are specially designed to break down with garden waste. Applying these items to garden waste is ideal for recycling them into garden projects. However mixing these items within other recycling could contaminate and damage other potential recycling plastics. So it is worth separating these items into compost bins.

Home Compostable

Home Composting Logo

Having a more niche outlet, this symbol tells consumers when an item is suitable for home composting. This symbol is ideal for people who do a lot of garden projects or own allotments. Having this system takes away some of the waste that is lumberd on recycling plants for recycling commercially.

How Mackers Can Help With Your Recycling

Mackers can help you hire a skip which is a fast, productive way to recycle. This will allow you recycle larger amounts of waste quicker with stronger guarantees of recycling all items. Mackers takes pride in recycling all waste that is disposed of in our skips.


Builders Skip Hire

Builders Skip Hire

Builders Skip Hire by Mackers Total Recycling. We cater to many tradesmen and builders across the southeast of the United Kingdom and offer a premium bespoke skip hire service.

Domestic Skip Hire

Domestic Skip Hire

Domestic Skip Hire by Mackers Total Recycling. We cater to many households in and around Essex and offer many sized skips for your everyday needs.

Garden Skip Hire

Garden Waste Skip Hire

Garden Waste Skip Hire by Mackers Total Recycling. We cater to many landscapers and gardeners in and around Essex and capable of delivering the same day.