Three Reasons You May Need A Skip

Ever wonder if you need a skip?

– Are you re-vamping your home?

– Maybe doing up your garden?

– Or even moving house and need to minimalize?


Do You Need A Skip?

Are you soon to be undergoing a huge change? Perhaps throwing out waste from a renovation? Or tidying up the ever growing pile of rubbish that’s accumulated in the garage? Despite their popularity, you may never have considered skip hire. Domestic skip hire however could be the perfect choice that not only saves you time, but money too. Don’t believe us? Then check out these three reasons you could find yourself wanting to use our skip hire services in Essex.

Domestic Skip Hire For You

Here are just three reasons you may find skip hire to be the very answer you’ve been looking for:

Skip Hire


Re-vamping Your Home?

If you’re looking to revamp a few rooms or even totally renovate, then our skip hire services in Essex could come in very handy. It’s a useful way of managing your waste during what can be a very messy time. Despite your best efforts, it’s almost guaranteed that a huge amount of destruction will likely take place and as such, a huge amount of waste will usually be generated. This will of course need disposing of quickly. Taking multiple trips to your local dump however will simply result in high fuel bills, a likely damaged car and in some cases, being turned away after a certain amount of trips. A skip is right on your doorstep and ready and waiting to take as much waste as it can handle.

Doing Up Your Garden?

Not a lot of people realise that garden waste can go into a skip and actually a skip can be quite the saving grace during garden renovations. A recycling bin will only hold so much waste and of course, the garden waste sacks aren’t designed to carry much at all either. Let’s not forget the huge amount of damage that could happen if you were to try and remove garden waste via your car. A skip, on the other hand, could work out far cheaper and will of course remove the dirt and debris straight away. Consider the fact that you’ll no longer have to wait for the weekly collection and all waste removal will be taken care of – it’s a no-brainer.

Moving House?

You may be moving from one gleaming house into another but we guarantee when you start emptying those cupboards, and of course dive into the loft, you’ll find more waste lurking than you realise. When moving home, it’s all about clearing out quickly too. It’s essential in fact when exchanging. Hiring a skip can therefore be a huge stress reliever as you can simply bring any rubbish out of the house and throw it straight into the skip. There’s no need to black bag it, nor is there any need to take it with you.

What Can You Put In Your Skip?

Now of course, the three reasons above aren’t the only times you’ll need a skip but they’re certainly three big reasons that would see skip hire coming in super handy. The question is now, what exactly can you put in the skip? As a general rule of thumb, you can put most things in there, except hazardous items. Here’s a list of the prohibited items you’ll need to dispose of elsewhere:

What Not To Put In Your Skip :

  •  Paint Tins – paint tins cannot be put into skips if they still contain paint. They must be completely emptied.
  •      Mattresses – this is often surprising to most but mattresses must be disposed of differently to other waste. You could find yourself being charged extra if you had a mattress placed in your skip. Prices vary by postcode so please do contact us at Mackers if you intend on putting a mattress into your skip.
  •      Plasterboards – legislation actually states that plasterboard must be separated from other waste as opposed to being mixed. Being placed in a mixed skip means it’s almost impossible to be separated from general waste, which is a requirement of it’s disposal.
  •      Tyres – tyres are another item/material that must be disposed of in a different fashion. They once again, cannot be mixed in with general waste.
  •      Electrical Equipment – electrical equipment cannot be put into your skip as it’s controlled by something called the WEEE directive. More often than not, your local council should take these away. This service however will be charged with a small fee, which will vary from one council to another. You may even find it more useful to look at whether you can find a company that offers trade-in prices
  • Fridges/Freezers – while this obviously comes under the electrical items category, many see them as totally different things altogether. Ignoring the fact that they’re electric however, fridges and freezers are still prohibited as the chemicals within them cannot be placed with general waste. They also require specialist disposal.
  • Asbestos – you cannot, under any circumstance, place asbestos in to a standard skip. Nor can it be re-used or recycled. Asbestos is extremely hazardous and a specialist company that deals in asbestos waste must be contacted.

Skip Hire In Basildon

If you’re looking for skip hire in Basildon, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Mackers Skip Hire. We have a wealth of experience and our team are on hand at any time to help you. Whether you’re looking for skips for your construction site or domestic skip hire during home renovations, we’ve got exactly what you need for the most competitive prices out there.

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