Problems When Overloading A Skip

We provide a safe, convenient and effective guide to filling your skip!

– Making Your Skip Too Heavy

– Causing Potential Safety Risks

– Causing Environmental Hazards


Problems Overloading Your Skip

It’s all too easy to underestimate just how much waste you’ll actually want to throw away. Whether it’s simply a case of miscalculation or an unconscious decision to save a few pounds, hiring a skip that’s too small for the job can lead you to committing one of the biggest skip hire sins: overfilling. While it may not sound like a big deal, overloading your skip can cause numerous problems, all of which we guarantee you’re going to want to avoid. 

Skip Hire – Overloading And The Dangers

So how much is too much? Well simply put, the waste you place in your skip shouldn’t exceed the height of the skip walls. There will usually be a thick red line along the top of most skips which should be your indicator in terms of ‘fill line’ and that should be considered the upper limit of your waste. Filling above this line is where the trouble begins in terms of skip hire safety.



Chair And Domestic Rubbish

 Making Your Skip Too Heavy

An overloaded skip will usually find itself too heavy to transport back to the skip yard safely. Skips are usually collected by being lifted back onto a truck, if it’s overloaded then this can pose an incredible hazard, in some cases making it almost impossible for the skip to even be loaded back onto the truck safely. Too heavy and the mechanisms on the truck risk being damaged or even the drivers themselves during loading and transportation.

Causing Potential Safety Risks

Overflowing skips aren’t just a weight issue but are an actual safety issue. With hard and often heavy items placed on top of a skip, the risk of these falling off is high. This could pose a huge safety risk to everyone from the skip hire driver to pedestrians on the roadside the truck is driving through. You may also want to consider the possibility of your own children and pets’ walking past the skip while it sits overfilled on your front drive. It’s essential for your own safety and that of the people around you that you fill to the red line only.

Causing Environmental Hazards 

Environmental hazards are usually caused when waste falls from the skip and remains on the ground around the skip. The spilled waste isn’t just an eyesore, it becomes an environmental hazard as it sits, rotting or proving to be an eyesore for those around it. The spillage can have quite the impact on the surrounding environment too, depending on the material of the waste in question; this is especially the case if rain water carries said waste away to the drains, or local rivers, streams and lakes. This all leads to contamination of local water sources and should be avoided at all costs.

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