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Everything You Need To Know About Scrap Yards

If you’re new to the world of scrap yards, it can seem a strange and wonderful place. Don’t be fooled by those discarded cars and kitchen appliances because in and amongst the rather humble setting of a scrap yard, hidden treasures await. What’s more, your trash could very well become someone else’s treasure which means the chance to earn a few pennies could be within rather easy reach. Those aren’t the only benefits of scrap yards however, they’re actually more important to our economy than most realise. To give you a better idea, here some of the things you need to know about scrap yards.

Scrap Yards Play A Critical Role

That’s right, they’re one of the most reliable funnels that can collect, sort and subsequently sell scrap metal. The people that buy scrap metal are known as refiners and refiners will usually only buy it in bulk. This is why scrap yards tend to buy metal in quantities rather than say, one pipe, in order to sell on at more competitive prices.

scrap metal cars


 1. You Aren’t The Customer

As crazy as this may sound, it’s true. You are not the customer when you walk into a scrap yard. Quite the opposite in fact. You’re the one with the goods to sell which is why you may have experienced a less sales approached entrance the last time you paid a scrap yard a visit.

2. There Isn’t A Fixed Price On Scrap Metal 

This can be frustrating for some but when it comes to scrap metal and scrap yards, it isn’t a shop with fixed prices. Think of a scrap yard much like a stock market where prices rise and fall according to the market. It’s also worth noting that scrap yards will want to pay less than you may expect. They intend to sell it on for more money to refiners but hey, you’d only throw it away right?

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3. There Are Hidden Treasures To Be Found

As we mentioned above, there are many hidden treasures to be found at scrap yards, from parts that you may need for your car to spare parts for home appliances. If you’re really lucky, some scrap yards including our own, will be more than happy for you to bring along your toolbox and take the parts you need for super cheap prices.

4. Magnets Actually Help Value Scrap At Scrap Yards

The metals are always sorted at scrap yards with the help of a magnet. The metals that are attracted to the magnet are called ferrous metals and the metals not attracted are called non-ferrous metals. The non-ferrous metals are the ones considered more valuable when being both bought and sold.

5. Check The Current Prices Yourself

Worried you won’t get offered the best price? Then check the current prices online yourself or better still, speak with a number of different scrap yards before heading to your chosen place.

That way you’ll have a better idea of what to expect. Don’t be surprised at different prices however. In the world of scrap, things will always vary and scrap prices can change on a daily basis

6. Be Prepared For The First Question

“How much have you got?” This will be the first question you’re asked as soon as you walk through the office door or speak to them on the phone. Be prepared to offer a ball park figure. Don’t forget you’ll always get better prices for bigger quantities so save your scrap until you have plenty to sell.

man in a scrap metal yard

7. Sort Your Own Scrap

One way to get more bang for your buck is to sort your own scrap metal. If you fail to do so, you’ll simply be given a flat price. Sorting it out yourself however, will mean your scrap metal will be put into different categories and of course have different values.

8. Prep Your Metal

Although this won’t stop you selling your scrap, it will mean a lower price. When your copper wire hasn’t been stripped, it won’t stick to the magnet as well so you’ll be given a lower price than had it have been stripped; simple yet hugely effective. You’ll get a much warmer welcome too, the next time you arrive with your pre-prepped scrap.

For more information on our scrap yard here at Mackers and what we can offer you, simply contact us today on 01268418533.

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