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One of the biggest mistakes people make when it comes to skip hire, is loading their skip incorrectly. Doing so not only costs you time but can also cost you money too.

Learning how to load your skip correctly can mean saving space for more waste as well as ensuring you’re adhering to regulations, as you should be. Here’s a complete guide to loading your skip the right way, every time.


How To Load A Skip The Right Way

Getting the right skip size is one of the first obstacles for most. The vast majority will look at the room they’re about to begin renovating and more often than not, massively underestimate the amount of waste that will be coming out of it.

It’s always tempting to choose a smaller skip for the simple fact it’s cheaper but doing so and then needing a larger skip later down the line will cost you much more in the long run. If you’re unsure of what skip size you need, simply take a peek at our online guide. Failing that, ask a member of our team who’ll have the knowledge and expertise to help you choose the right one.

Illegal Items

Another consideration many aren’t aware about is the fact that there are illegal items when it comes to skip waste. You cannot place batteries, hazardous chemicals, asbestos and a plethora of other items into your skip. Again, if you’d like more information on this, simply contact a member of our team who’ll be happy to share a list of forbidden items with you. 

Two Man Lift

It can be all too easy to grab whatever’s in front of you and throw it in but why put your own health at risk when you don’t have to? Having someone help you will mean no damage to your back and gives you the ability to carefully place waste in the skip. This means you get to strategically place waste into your skip, helping you get more in, in the process. If you are lifting on your own, remember to keep your back straight and bend at the knee.

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Overfilling Is A No No 

Did you know it’s illegal to overfill your skip? In fact, it could actually land you with a pretty hefty fine. Not only could you face a fine, but you may even find your skip hire company refuses to take said skip with the contents spilling out over the sides.

It’s all about the safety of transporting that skip back to the skip yard as well as the weight of the skip too. Load a skip correctly by placing flat materials in first, to provide a stable platform. Follow these with the bulkier, heavier items. Then place the lighter items on top, ensuring you don’t continue to fill the skip over the skip line itself.

Break Things Down

You wouldn’t place a large empty milk bottle into your kitchen bin without squashing it down as much as possible first. The same goes for your skip. Without breaking down items, you’re wasting valuable space. Disassemble furniture and platen cardboard etc.

Think Smart When Loading Your Skip

Filling your skip too fast, too carelessly or with the wrong items will cost you a lot more time and money in the long run. Taking a step back and paying a little more attention to not only what you’re putting in the skip but how you’re putting it in there is the smartest thing to do.

Contact Macker’s Skip Hire

If you’d like more information on skip hire, skip sizes or even what you can and can’t put in your skip, simply contact Mackers Skip Hire today on 01268 418533.

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