Fly Tipping Versus Skip Hire


Why Skip Hire Always Wins

Fly-tipping can be defined as the ‘illegal deposit of any waste onto land that does not have a licence to accept it’. Whether it’s a mattress, building rubble or simple black bags of household waste, fly tipping can have huge implications on our environment and economy, not to mention encompass substantial fines of up to £50,000 and even imprisonment. It’s easy to see that skip hire is actually a much more cost effective option.


The Real Price Of Fly-Tipping

Fly tipping can have huge implications on our day to day lives as well as cost our tax payers a whopping £40m every single year. Still not convinced that skip hire is the way forward?

Here’s a look at the negative impact that fly-tipping has:

Health Hazards

When it comes to fly tipping, the vast majority aren’t bothered about what it is they’re actually fly tipping. Over the years, materials such as asbestos have actually been dumped. This can have a huge impact on local people and passersby coming into contact with said materials.

We’ve also seen fridges, freezers, all which require special disposal, simply being thrown and left at the side of the road, both of which contain dangerous chemicals and provide a trap hazard for wildlife.

Decreasing Values

For those that find a local area within the vicinity of their property or business becoming a common ground for fly tipping, they may also find a negative economic impact as repeated incidents decrease property prices and put off potential customers from entering shop premises etc.

Huge Economic Costs

Fly tipping is a huge drain on local resources as councils and innocent owners of property find themselves left to clean up the mess that fly tippers leave behind. With regards to local councils footing the bill to clean up the mess left behind, this of course leaves less budget for other areas – the knock on effects can often be felt by all.

Legal Risks

Fly tipping is illegal. There are no ifs or buts. It’s quite simply, illegal to do so. If you or someone within your company are caught doing it, you could face a huge fine as mentioned above as well as imprisonment. There’s also the knock on effect to consider on your business as you become associated with illegal disposal of waste.

Choose Affordable Skip Hire Everytime  

At Mackers Skip Hire, we’re always doing our bit toward better waste disposal, recycling as much as we possibly can. We also ensure that all waste, whether it’s recycled, treated or simply disposed of, is done so via legal methods at all times. We cover the cost, so that you don’t have to. Whatever you’re doing, be it domestic or commercial, skip hire is always the answer in the great fly tipping versus skip hire debate. For more information, contact Mackers today on 01268 418533.

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Builders Skip Hire

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