Skip Licence And Skip Permits

– What is a skip license?

– Do you need a skip permit?

– Why do you need a skip permit


Skip Licences

Depending on where you live and the land you have available, when hiring a skip, you may find yourself requiring a skip hire permit. We have many people ask us, “can you have skips on the road?” and while you can, there are certain guidelines that must be followed and permits that must be obtained. Essentially if you don’t have available private land in the form of a front garden or driveway, then the only alternative is to place your skip on public land i.e. the road.

Skip Licence: Frequently Asked Questions

A skip permit in this case is simply proof that you’ve had it agreed with the relevant governing body, allowing you to do so. Although available at all councils, you’ll find that each council has a different way of doing things. Thankfully, despite the confusion it often causes, we can help answer a lot of your questions here at Mackers Skip Hire. Here’s our rundown of the FAQ’s when it comes to skip permits, how to get one and when you need them too.

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When Do I Need A Skip Licence?

If you don’t have private land on which to place your skip i.e. a driveway or garden and intend on placing it on a public road, then you’ll need a skip permit.  It’s that simple.

How Can I Get A Skip Permit And How Long Does It Take?

When it comes to applying for permits, some councils will only deal with the skip company themselves. In this instance, we’ll be happy to deal with them for you. Other councils however, will require you apply yourself, direct. There is no standardised system but in most cases it’s simply a case of filling out a form online and waiting a few days. Due to the possible three to four day wait, it always pays to account for this when ordering your skip. If you’re unsure about anything, simply check with us at Mackers or go direct to the council during the application process.


Can I Put A Skip On The Pavement?

The sharp, short answer to this is no. It has to be either your own land as mentioned above, such as a driveway or garden. If you don’t have private land to place a skip then it needs to go onto the road. There are certain ‘skip on road’ regulations that must be adhered to regarding positioning making the pavement a no-go area.

What Are The Rules For Positioning Of Skips?

There are a number of different rules when it comes to positioning skips. To name just a few, you can’t block any pavements or entrances and exits. You can’t block or cover any utility access points such manhole covers. You also can’t place a skip within 15 meters of a junction or on yellow lines. Nor can you place a skip in a pay and display bay or parking suspension/parking permit areas from your local council.

How Much Does A Skip Permit Cost?

Costs will vary from council to council but they usually end up somewhere between £20 and £30. Luckily for you however, here at Mackers, we cover the bill for you so while you may need to apply for the skip licence, you won’t need to pay for it.

How Long Is A Skip Licence Valid For?

Unlike having a skip on your front drive, placing a skip on a public road will only be possible during the limits of a skip permit. Skip permits are usually valid between one week and one month. You can however, renew your permits to enable you to have your skip placed for longer periods of time.

Skip Licences Made Easy With Mackers

Skips have many benefits but it is so important to ensure you have a correct licence. If you do not renew the permit or worse still, simply ignore the need for a permit in the first place, you could find yourself subject to fines from your local council, which will not be cheap. While the thought of paying for a licence may not be something you want to do, you can rest assured that not only is it the best route but it won’t cost you a penny. As we mentioned above, here at Mackers Skips, we pay for the permits for you. In some cases, we’ll even arrange the permit too. Add to this the fact that we can provide the skip promptly upon booking and it’s a no brainer. Just remember to make sure the space for the lorry is secured before we get there.

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