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Recycling And Waste Management

At Mackers, we provide effective commercial waste disposal services for businesses in Essex and selected regions of London. Our commercial waste disposal services are fully compliant with regulations and UK law and we aim to recycle as much waste as we possibly can. We are able to dispose of large quantities of commercial waste and provide a friendly, yet reliable service. Our team of waste disposal experts are here to provide you a flexible and convenient service that works best for your business.


In the eyes of the law, commercial waste is any waste left over by a business. In this case, a business is classed as anyone who gets paid for their services. This even applies to sole traders. Commercial waste can come from a variety of sources, whether it be builders using our skip hire, restaurants, bars, offices, window cleaners, shops or gardeners waste. Household waste that is not related to business is not classed as commercial waste and therefore should not be treated as such.

Our commercial waste disposal services ensures that logs are kept regarding where waste is stored, transported and disposed of. This is in line with the Duty of Care legislation that businesses must adopt when disposing of commercial waste.

Did you know it is illegal to dispose of business waste at any Essex County Council recycling centre? Moreover, by dropping off commercial waste at any Essex County Council Recycling centre, you may be subjected to fines if you are caught doing so.

It is important that commercial waste is disposed of in a correct manner by a safe and compliant company, such as ourselves. Therefore, commercial waste disposal is an important process and should be treated with utmost care.



At Mackers, we are a traditional family run business who love to go the extra mile for our clients. We provide a service that is cost effective, professional and reliable. Furthermore, we understand the importance of commercial waste disposal, which is why many businesses choose us as their commercial waste disposal solution company, offering skip hire in Basildon and the surrounding areas.

Over the years, our company has grown and with it so has our reputation.

Our commercial waste disposal services are designed to be free from disruption, which means you and your business can focus on what you and your business do best. Furthermore, our commercial waste disposal services are environmentally friendly and fully compliant with the law and set regulations. We always work hard to recycle as much as we possibly can therefore making a positive impact on the world.

At Mackers, we are proud to have a number of waste management solutions available, dependant on your business. We are able to take on any job, no matter how big or small. Furthermore, our team of commercial waste disposal experts are always at hand to provide you with the best possible solution tailored to your business. We assess your commercial waste so that we can determine how much can be recycled. Furthermore, we even pay for your unwanted scrap metals and accept both ferrous and non ferrous metal.



Recycling commercial waste has many benefits to society and also the planet. When we recycle waste, we are able to reuse the materials and therefore reduce the need to create new products from scratch. This causes a reduction of energy needed, which has a positive effect on our world. Furthermore, this reduction of energy means that less greenhouse gases are released, which reduces global warming and also its devastating effects.


Another benefit to recycling is that we minimise the need to harvest natural resources, which can save wildlife. Recycled wood and paper wastage minimises the demand for new trees to be cut down, which helps avoid disruptions to animals in their natural habitat. Recycled metal allows us to create metal products from wastage, which reduces the need to mine for resources. Moreover, recycled plastic can help reserve oil as oil is needed in the chemical process to create the plastics that we use everyday.


Builders Skip Hire

Builders Skip Hire

Builders Skip Hire by Mackers Total Recycling. We cater to many tradesmen and builders across the southeast of the United Kingdom and offer a premium bespoke skip hire service.

Domestic Skip Hire

Domestic Skip Hire

Domestic Skip Hire by Mackers Total Recycling. We cater to many households in and around Essex and offer many sized skips for your everyday needs.

Garden Skip Hire

Garden Waste Skip Hire

Garden Waste Skip Hire by Mackers Total Recycling. We cater to many landscapers and gardeners in and around Essex and capable of delivering the same day.


We have a number of commercial waste skips for hire and can even provide a variety of skips that cater for commercial clearance equal to 120 bin bags of waste. Our skips range from 2-yard skips, all the way up to 12-yard skips, which means we have a size to suit any business need. If you have any queries or are unsure of which size you require, feel free to get in touch with one of our experts.


A skip permit is required when a skip is placed onto council owned lands. This includes public roads, which are technically owned by the council. A skip permit is not required if a skip is being placed onto private land. If you are a tradesmen and are working at a residential property, we recommend getting permission to place a skip on a driveway or front garden to avoid the need for a council permit. Remember, our drivers are only able to place skips in locations that our vehicles can access.


We will pay you for your scrap metal and always provide our clients with the fairest and most honest price. At Mackers, we accept both non ferrous and ferrous scrap metal and can even pay you on the same day as collection. Furthermore, we recycle your scrap metal, which is great for the planet. Did you know that recent EU figures suggest that C02 emissions are being cut by 200 million tonnes every year? This impressive figure includes scrap metal wastage, which plays a big role in cutting emissions.

Our accurate weighbridge scale system ensures that you are paid accurately using the weight of the metal. Moreover, we have the equipment, staff and capability to accept any quantity of scrap metal, no matter the scale.

If you are looking for a reliable commercial waste disposal service, look no further than Mackers. Our honest and professional service has helped many businesses in the southeast region. For any enquiries, please get in contact with us.