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Unless you’re a seasoned pro (and even then in some cases) picking the right skip sizes for the job in hand can be a tough task to carry out. Whether you over-estimate or under-estimate, it’s all too easy to get it wrong, after all, who can honestly look at a garden, bedroom or any area of waste and estimate with accuracy the cubic tonnes that sits before your eyes? Prices of skips all vary based on their size, no matter what company you go to.

Save Money Hiring The Right Size Skip

Getting the wrong sized skip could therefore cost you far more in the long run. Whether you choose a skip that’s too small and have to get a second to cater for the remainder of the waste or hire one that’s too big, it all means spending more money than you need to. To get it just right, Goldilocks style, we suggest you take a quick browse of our guide below which shows you the difference between skip sizes, who they’re aimed at and what each one will roughly hold. This should give you a much better starting point to find that skip that feels just right for the task in hand.

Skip Hire Size Guides

Whether you’re looking for builders skip hire or domestic skip hire, it’s all the same. Skips are skips and each size holds the same as another of the same size. Let’s take a look at categories of skips and their sizes.

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Mini Skips

Mini skips are usually classified as 2 to 4 yard skips. They’re also described as small skip bins and are ideal for getting rid of smaller amounts of household waste. While these may not be suited to industrial sized jobs, they’re still used for both domestic and commercial skip hire.

Skips of this size can usually be placed on relatively small front drives, making them ideal for smaller household jobs such as kitchen and bathroom refits. These sized skips are made to hold around 25 to 35 black bin bags worth of waste.

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Midi Skips

Midi skips, as the name suggests, are slightly larger than mini skips, roughly around 4 to 5 yards. These are ideal for larger projects such as renovations of the kitchen and even entire garden clean ups. Midi skips take a great sum of waste and aren’t to be underestimated.

Whether you need to offload a bulky item or the entire waste from your garden redesign, a midi skip is the perfect choice. Once again, talking in terms of black bin bags, these take on average around 45 to 55 black bin bags.

Maxi Skips

The term “maxi” is slightly broader than the terms we’ve used previously. Maxi skips are more popular with the likes of builders purely down to their size and ability to clear an awful lot of waste. The term maxi generally refers to skips ranging from around 6 yards through to 18 yards. These are ideal for construction sites and smaller industrial needs. They quite easily take away bulky items and super heavy materials with them. Despite their size, many domestic clients hire maxi skips from the smaller end of the scale. They’ve proven themselves time and again as the ideal choice for small home extensions. As the skip sizes under the umbrella term of maxi range so greatly, so too do the amount of ‘bin bags’ they hold. These hold anywhere from 65 to 80, 100 to 120, 145 to 170 and even up to 195 bin bags.

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Roll On Roll Off Skips

If the largest maxi skip still doesn’t cut it for your construction or industrial site, then the Roll On Roll Off skips are the best choice. These are nothing short of huge, ranging in size from 20 to 40 yard skips and are capable of removing a serious amount of waste. From the bulkier items to super heavy materials, consider yourself covered with a Roll On Roll Off skip. They have the ability to hold anywhere from 220 to 440 black bin bags.

Wait And Load Skips

While not the largest on the scale, wait and load skips are ideal for those wanting to get rid of waste without having to house a skip for a prolonged period. These range in sizes and are often used in both domestic and commercial instances.

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What Size Skip Is Right For You?

While you may now understand the different size skips available, it can still be tough to decide how much waste you’re going to produce. Try this quick guide to narrow it down further.

  •  Assess It First – before you decide on the size skip you’ll need, assess the job in hand. Redoing your bathroom or your kitchen? Perhaps you’re doing an entire garden or downstairs remodel. Run through our list above and select the ones you think are best suited from our descriptions.
  • Make A Good Estimate – lists come in very handy here. List down everything you’ll be needing to dispose of, including soil, patio slabs, any excess materials you may not be able to recycle and from that make your best estimate.
  • Ask For Help – if at this point, you still have a few too many options in front of you, simply ask for help. One company in particular, Mackers Skip Hire, are particularly great for offering help in this department. Having been working within the skip hire industry for a number of years, they’re more than accustomed to helping clients choose the right size skip for them. If in doubt, just shout.

Builders Skip Hire

Builders Skip Hire

Builders Skip Hire by Mackers Total Recycling. We cater to many tradesmen across the southeast of the United Kingdom and offer a premium bespoke skip hire service.

Domestic Skip Hire

Domestic Skip Hire

Domestic Skip Hire by Mackers Total Recycling. We cater to many households in and around Essex and offer many sized skips for your everyday needs.

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Garden Waste Skip Hire

Garden Waste Skip Hire by Mackers Total Recycling. We cater to many landscapers and gardeners in and around Essex and capable of delivering the same day.