6 Benefits of Using Skip Hire in Thurrock

Skips are exceptionally useful for removing household, commercial and industrial waste in a safe and responsible manner. Not only is a skip for hire quick and efficient, but can be tailored to your exact needs and the amount of waste you are clearing. At Mackers Skips, we provide skip hire in Thurrock and understand the many benefits of using professional skip services.

In this blog post, we share 6 of the biggest benefits of using skip hire for waste removal.

1. Saves You Time

Whether you’re clearing unwanted waste from your house or undertaking a large construction, skip hire can save you time by helping to speed up the process of your project. A quick and easy way to remove waste from any domestic, commercial or industrial premises, skip for hire gives you the chance to remove waste straight away and have it collected at a time to suit you.

2. Good Value

Using skip hire in Thurrock is a cost-effective solution and a very affordable service. Not only does it save you money and time by not having to transport it to a landfill or recycle site yourself, but it can also reduce labour costs on a project by quickening the whole process. At Mackers Skips, our skip for hire rates are extremely competitively priced.


3. Tailored To You

Skip hire is a very flexible service which can be tailored to your precise needs and the task you’re undertaking. Choose from a range of skip sizes, including 2-yard to 12-yard skips, to find a size best suited to your project. You can also arrange to have a skip delivered and collected from your property at the most convenient time for you, have it placed in a location of your choosing and load the skip at your own pace.

4. Environmentally Friendly

When opting for skip hire in Thurrock, customers can feel confident knowing they are choosing a responsible waste management solution. An eco-friendly alternative to landfill sites, the waste collected by reputable skip hire companies such as Mackers Skips is disposed of responsibly. We are proud to have our own licensed waste management transfer site in Laindon, where the majority of waste can be recycled. Contact us to find out exactly what happens to the waste we collect.


5. Convenient

Using skip for hire services saves you time and effort driving to and from a landfill or recycling site yourself. It also means you don’t have to waste time loading it into your own vehicle and possibly damaging or making a mess of the interior. Skips also give you the convenience of a designated area to put waste during a project. The skip can often be placed right next to where you’re carrying out the work at your Thurrock property or site.


6. Health & Safety

Waste can include hazardous objects, such as broken objects and pieces of sharp metal. Handling this waste can result in injury and should be done with care. Opting for skip hire in Thurrock ensures that waste management specialists safely handle waste, using the correct tools and protective wear. Having a skip to remove waste during ongoing projects, also helps to keep a clear space to work in without trip hazards and potentially harmful waste.

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